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Newport Shores

A Gulick Group Signature Community

Newport Shores is a truly unique community in Reston. The variety of custom building materials and the attention paid to the smallest details make this community something truly special.

– Peter Gulick, Founder and CEO

Newport Shores

We envisioned Newport Shores as a whimsical retreat on Lake Newport in North Reston, and designed a contemporary community in the "arts and crafts" style. Impressive feature windows provide dramatic views from the interior and interest to the exterior elevations of these exceptional homes. All of the brick was made from a composite of many types of earth throughout the brickyard and quarry, rather than a single color, enhancing the depth and color variation of the material. The outdoor electrical sconces and chimney caps were hand selected to match the community theme, the front porch columns were hand-routed, and the house numbers were custom fabricated. Even the glass within the entry door was glazed to match the feature window at the rear of the house and to tie the home and commmunity together.

  • Quick Facts
  • A contemporary, "arts and crafts" community of 32 homes
  • Built starting in 1994
  • Homes feature numerous distinctive details, including impressive feature windows, unique brick, and electrical fixtures, columns, and house numbers that match the community theme
  • Each lakefront purchaser had a choice of including a dock, gazebo, or lakeside patio

Equal Housing Opportunity

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